What Our Members Are Saying

“Our membership cost is easily justified and recovered through the many benefits and networking opportunities that COSTHA provides. I only wish I had been introduced to the organization earlier in my career!”

“The ability to participate at the UN meetings and have daily briefing papers prepared by Tom saves me hours of time, saves my company thousands of dollars, and gives us the opportunity to proactively prepare for regulatory changes.”
Don Bossow
Director, NA Reg Affairs
Sealed Air Corporation

“The information COSTHA provides cuts right to the heart of the issues. They summarize the information and then provide me with links to complete reference materials. This saves me tons of time and makes it possible for me to quickly distribute relevant information throughout the company.”
Carrie Wayne
Global Manager

“Working with COSTHA staff and other members, we have identified an opportunity to update the HazMat Regulations to allow for alternative testing criteria and harmonization of the definitions regarding aerosols.”