April 26-29, 2015 COSTHA Annual Forum

The Must-Attend Meeting of 2015!

April 26 - 29, 2015
Westin San Diego Gaslamp Quarter
San Diego, CA

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Six Great Reasons to Attend The 2015 Forum

  1. Learn from industry experts
  2. Gain valuable and timely information
  3. Meet, mingle, and network with leading industry experts, regulators, and peers
  4. Exchange ideas and best practices
  5. Visit supplier exhibits
  6. Avoid costly fines with advance notice of new regulations

How do I become an Exhibitor at the COSTHA Forum?

How do I become a Trainer at the COSTHA Forum?

How do I become a Platinum Sponsor at the COSTHA Forum?

COSTHA 2015 Forum Brochure - Click on the brochure image below.

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COSTHA Annual Forum Airfare Discount - COSTHA has an agreement with United Airlines and Delta Airlines for discounts on airfare to the 2015 COSTHA Annual Forum, San Diego, California for travel booked for the forum for the dates April 23-May 2, 2014. The discounts range from 2-10% if you use the COSTHA discount codes while booking the travel.  Booking options listed below:

United Airlines
On-line Bookings (2%-10% discount)
Click Here   
Offer CodeZT5Z357296 

Phone (2%-10% discount)
Call: 1-800-426-1122 (there may be an airline processing fee)
Meeting Z Code: ZT5Z Agreement Code: 357296 

Delta Airlines
On-line Bookings (2%-10% discount):
Click Here                    
ENTER ---Ticket Designator code is NMJWV in Meeting Event Code Box  

Call: 800-328-1111 (there may be an airline processing fee)
Ticket Designator code is NMJWV 

Group Ticket Designator: NGBKL (if you have a group of 10 traveling together on the same flights)


COSTHA’s Antitrust Policy is set forth in a formal statement which is printed in the membership directory. Each of you is strongly encouraged to read the statement and to consider its implications whenever discussions take place during the meetings. The prohibitions of antitrust law apply to all dialogue as well as the open floor deliberation during consideration of the agenda topics.

It is your personal responsibility, and not just that of COSTHA, to stop all discussion, and if necessary, withdraw from any conversation that appeared to violate the antitrust law. Silence will not insulate anyone from violation; active participation in a prohibited act is not required.

Discussions of prices, profit levels, pricing procedures or policies etc. of your company or another is always forbidden. Similarly, consideration of proposals, which might have the effect of producing an adverse economic impact on some companies must be avoided. These are examples of prohibited conduct. Any action or conversation which could lead to
restraining trade or otherwise represent unfair competition would be in violation of legal prohibitions.

This reminder is not intended to stifle spirited and comprehensive discussion of the important items included on our agenda. Rather, it is to ensure that we avoid even unintended actions which could be inferred to be violative of the law.