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Member dues enable COSTHA to provide the cutting-edge tools and services necessary for your company to stay informed and maintain compliance while minimizing the impact on your daily operations.

COSTHA delivers:

  • Support from a network of acclaimed industry experts and leaders.
  • On-demand access to internationally respected technical consultants as well as COSTHA’s transportation attorney.
  • COSTHA has Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status at the UN Sub-Committee of Experts on Dangerous Goods and participates in submitting proposals, providing expertise on specifi c issues and infl uencing sub-committee and working group decisions. COSTHA’s work at the UN protects members’ interests against impractical and unnecessary regulations.
  • COSTHA participates in the Informal Working Group on Lithium Batteries and currently serves as the Secretary for the group.
  • COSTHA leads a delegation to participate where the European Union ground regulations are introduced. Forty-nine countries directly follow these regulations, and many others model their regulations after them. RID/ADR/ADN regulations often influence the UN Global Regulations so these regulations reach far beyond the EU.
  • COSTHA’s direct involvement with Transport Canada keeps members on top of the issues. COSTHA is an active member of the following groups: Transportation of Dangerous Goods General Policy Advisory Council (GPAC), Multi-Association Committee on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (MACTDG) (Canada), US - Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC), Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Committee on TDG Competencies, and CGSB Committee on Small Containers for Transport of Dangerous Goods
  • Regular and timely publications including the COSTHA Chronicle newsletter and the quick-read email newsletter, the COSTHA Post, plus regulatory bulletins and tools to quickly review changes and proposals.
  • Opportunities to learn, share, and network with other hazmat professional and leading industry experts through quarterly membership meetings, and the annual COSTHA Forum.
  • A searchable library of historical regulatory information.
  • Easy access to timely and relevant regulatory compliance information through this website which is updated daily with information from hundreds of sources.
  • Opportunities to influence effective changes in hazmat/dg regulations.
  • As a member of the Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles, you have the opportunity to shape the future of your industry by serving on one of COSTHA's committees, working groups, or roundtables. Click here for more information on COSTHA's active committees. 

In short, we’re here to make your job easier, save you time, and save your company money every day.

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