What Our Members Are Saying

“Our membership cost is easily justified and recovered through the many benefits and networking opportunities that COSTHA provides. I only wish I had been introduced to the organization earlier in my career!”

“The ability to participate at the UN meetings and have daily briefing papers prepared by Tom saves me hours of time, saves my company thousands of dollars, and gives us the opportunity to proactively prepare for regulatory changes.”
Don Bossow
Director, NA Reg Affairs
Sealed Air Corporation

“The information COSTHA provides cuts right to the heart of the issues. They summarize the information and then provide me with links to complete reference materials. This saves me tons of time and makes it possible for me to quickly distribute relevant information throughout the company.”
Carrie Wayne
Global Manager

"The COSTHA Annual Forum is one of the best resources available to meet with the regulators and receive timely updates as well as meeting colleagues from around the globe who are dealing with the same day to day process or issues."
Kim Shannon
Lead Transportation Specialist, NA

AkzoNobel Coatings, Inc.

"Every time I attend the Forum, and I attend every year, I get more out of it. I don't know if it is that I have learned more so that what transpires is value added or the presenters are just getting better but I pick up on more things that help me in my job. I'm getting more and more clarity which helps me to be more effective."
Mike Wentz
Manager, Dangerous Goods Compliance 
American Airlines 

"The format of COSTHA Forum is brilliant! It is great to meet with so many people in such short amount of time, besides having the opportunity to listen to high quality industry speakers. We could keep up with the busy schedule and got so much done in just a few days, especially the networking activities with dangerous goods professionals which gave us a fantastic opportunity to really get to know people."
Ezequiel Caetano Ferreira
Business Manager
Concepta DG Compliance

"Even though this was my very first conference [COSTHA Forum], I was impressed with dynamic scope of information, talent, and dedicated people it brings together. This was a beneficial experience from start to finish. Equally impressive is that this organization works throughout the year to provide valuable information to promote safety, compliance, and organizational effectiveness. Thank you for this great opportunity and your support!"
Dave Burmeister
Dangerous Goods Manager
Matson Navigation

"As a first time attendee of this conference [COSTHA Forum], I was impressed by all the round table discussions and presentations. I also took advantage of the networking opportunities as there were many attendees from all over. Being part of COSTHA is a wonderful forum as well as an impressive item to add to your resume."
Denise Pfeiffer

"The value of the amount of information that is presented during the [COSTHA] Forum, and the number of contacts that are available for future contact cannot be measured. There is so much knowledge and experience in the room that you cannot possibly hope to experience it all by yourself."
Gary Peterson
Specialist, Dangerous Goods
ExpressJet Airlines

“Working with COSTHA staff and other members, we have identified an opportunity to update the HazMat Regulations to allow for alternative testing criteria and harmonization of the definitions regarding aerosols.”

"[The COSTHA Forum provides the] opportunity to network and meet new people. I met someone in Eastern Europe who can fill a major gap for me. You can't get this kind of opportunity anywhere other than COSTHA"